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We all want to improve our website’s visibility and ranking on the search engine result page. And, most of us aim to find a shortcut. However, we fail to understand that any shortcut is just a mere waste of time and effort. Only a long and patient approach in website ranking helps in improving the rank.

5 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Website Ranking

The fact that SEO is the best way to rank the website on the Google Search engine result page is often ignored. SEO is a long game but it really brings promising results and should be greeted with a bit of skepticism.

So, how can you improve the website ranking? Of course, you cannot skip or degrade the way you approach with your SEO techniques. But, you need to work on an experimental basis in order to find out which strategy fits your website and business.

Here are 5 things you can do to boost your website ranking.

Start with Firm Foundation

This the basis of any approach you adopt to improve the Google ranking. A poor looking website and broken URLs or a lack of information website will doom all your SEO campaigns. Thus, improve website appearance and structure. Make sure they are not difficult to navigate through or even make it challenging for Google to crawl. Also, think about the usability factor in different devices.

Technical SEO Audit

Google Algorithms includes several signals and machine learning to determine the ranking of the website.

Optimize for Different Devices

Most of the users surf on mobile phones now. Thus, it is important that your website is responsive on smaller devices so that you do not miss out on any visitor. Your website should pass the mobile-friendly test. Moreover, here too, the navigation should be easier and smooth to allow the visitor to navigate through pages and get the thing of their interest. Also, ensure that website loading time is slow and the visitor gets access to it with ease and no hassle.

Speed Optimization

Regular monitoring of website speed for both mobiles and desktop is necessary in order to help in improving the areas that need attention. You can use Google PageSpeed to find out more about the website speed test. When it comes to optimizing speed, the first thing that comes to the mind that makes the website heavy is media file size. If you upload images that have high resolution and hence bigger file size, then the page where it is put up will load slow. Therefore, it is important to use a smaller-sized image on the website to not create them. However, do not forget to maintain the class and look at your website. Browser caching is also another way to load the page on the visitor’s device. If the user has visited earlier, he need not wait the second time.

Work on Link

Create your backlinks and inter-linking of blogs. Both external and internal links on the website page influence how the website will rank. You can spot the errors on your page using various online software available and make efforts to fix them. Select anchor text appropriately as it plays an important role in website ranking.

On-Page Optimization

Your Google wants to offer a helping hand here. You can easily go through their SERP guide to know more about promoting services and products online. Remember to tell what the page is about? This way, it becomes easier for the Google crawler to understand your business better as well as your goals. Make sure to be natural and description opposite to some similar keywords. Make sure to have good meta titles and meta descriptions along with metatags. Proper metadata helps in increasing traffic. Thus, make sure to include all the irresistible en unique clicks.


None of the other tips are easier and quicker. Instead, they all require good nurture. Also, you can start experimenting with some approaches that help in improving the website ranking on Google and other search engines results pages. The strategies mentioned above are not new but they require patience and a continual investment of resources to enjoy a final result.

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