How much is the ongoing maintenance cost to run my website?
Website maintenance costs can be broken down into 2 parts:
  • Hosting – Websites on the Internet has to be hosted on a server. It is equivalent to paying monthly rent and is critical component of owning a website. We help you with purchasing a hosting or it can be part of the package you choose. It includes ongoing support apart from the hosting fee. We offer competitive rates for hosting solutions.
  • Domain Name Renewal – You have to renew the domain every year or as per the tenure agreed upon. We can help you repurchase the domain. If you choose our integrated package, we will renew it automatically on your behalf.
Do you have a minimum period or contract for your hosting?
Never. We do not have any elaborate contracts for our web design packages. You can cancel the subscription anytime.
Can I use a different hosting company?
Yes, you can surely do that. We never compel our clients to take our hosting.
Once a website is created, who will own it?
You will own the website and all rights that come with it. Our team gives you all the handover instructions. We can manage or provide support and even manage hosting issues.
Can I make changes to my website after it's live? Are there any charges involved?
Of course you can! Once we have published your website, you can post any changes to the website. We can help you learn the basics ad get the hang of it. We have a friendly support team that helps you solve minor issues on your own. You will never be stranded.
How much time will you take to make my website?
Depending on the package you choose, we can complete a website as fast as 10 days. Once we get all the information from your side, we get started with the development process. After approval from your side, we make the website live. It must be stated here that after publishing, your website may not show up in Google search results immediately. That is because, Google takes time to decide ranking (usually 40-90 days).
I have to redesign my website? Does it cost the same?
Yes, we do redesigns as well. The prices depend on your current website and how much work we have to do on it. Your newer preferences will also affect the price. But more or less, the price will in a similar range. Contact us to know more.
I already own a domain? Can you use the same?
Of course, we can use your current domain.
What will my website look like? Can I suggest design changes?
We can use your existing logo or design language to match your current theme. We can totally transform your design theme or match with the current designs. You can always be a part of the changes or suggest improvements from your side.