One of the best things to have happened in the IT world is the birth of the Internet wherein one can find any type of information. However, the same information is being presented by a number of providers in different ways. Some may present it very interestingly while others may provide it as plain text, and some may present useful information while others may also present useless information. So, how can one ensure that the users find the good and useful information and not the useless one? That precisely is where Search Engine Optimization(SEO) comes in. SEO helps the developers of a website to rank their content in the top ranking websites in a Google search. To do so, the developers follow various methods and use different tools to meet this objective. The following are some tools along with their purposes that help websites to rank in Google searches:

Top 5 Award Winning SEO Tools to Rank on Google

  1. Google Tools
  2. SEMrush
  3. Screaming Frog
  4. DeepCrawl
  5. Ahrefs

Google Tools

The Google Tool set comes with a variety of tools that are specifically meant for improving the SEO ranking in Google searches. These include:

  • Google Analytics/Tag Manager:

    It allows you to get insight into your audience’s historical and real-time data which can be filtered and segmented into more granular metrics.

  • Google Search Console:

    The truest organic search data is given by the Google Search Console as Google Analytics no longer provides real keyword data directly. It allows you to see what keywords a page ranks for and how clicks, views, CTR, and average location perform the page or keywords.

  • Google My Business:

    If any aspect of your business is somewhat local, you need to have a Google My Business. Today most organic searches populate map lists. You have to make sure that you turn up in them.

  • Google Keyword Planner:

    This is one of SEO ‘s best Keyword research tools.

  • Google Data Studio:

    IT is a reporting tool that is dynamic in nature. Users can set up metrics and the data will automatically flow according to them.

  • Chrome Developer Tools:

    Useful for finding out the cause for any kind of loading issues.

  • Google Structured Data Testing Tool:

    By pulling through information such as star ratings, size, address, and more, structured data helps you to make your organic search results richer. This can help you get a button and is also the tool’s primary aim.

  • Google Pagespeed Insights:

    Google Page Speed Analysis offers you a high level summary of how your site performs on both your desktop and your mobile device. It will give an insight into what slows down your web, and how it can be fixed.

  • Google Suggested Keywords:

    Keywords suggested by Google are a tool for generating keywords. It will provide suggestions as to what are the most popular terms associated with what you start typing when you start typing a term into Google.


SEMrush has multiple uses but finding keyword and keyword phrases is its primary role. There are more than 35 million keywords and keyword phrases available in the database which can help set search results apart from the competition. The tool shows monthly volume of the keyword / keyword phrase; how hard it will be to rank for, CPC (average cost per click for use of PPC), competitive density, how many websites are ranked, Keyword patterns over the past 12 months, and a snapshot of the keyword results page.

Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog crawls all over your website and makes a list of all your internal pages. It maintains a track on the crawl level, per-page internal and outbound links, keyword elements such as title and description and their lengths, and HTTP status codes. The latest version is a delight to use, and includes some power packed features.


DeepCrawl can crawl to the deepest level of any website and provide detailed information on a range of topics. They categorize information by indexing, universal content validation and site explorer. It’s an amazing tool to help track all the technical issues that might prevent the site from doing better in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).


It is a tool used by digital marketers around the world for researching links. A well-known tool set for backlinks and SEO analysis, Ahrefs currently stands out from the herd of other similar services, with the largest live link base, huge index and the best index update speed.

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