By WordPress Plugins

One of the most easily accessible and manageable platforms that you can use for your business is WordPress. This content management system is simple and easy to use- the value of it is limitless. With a diverse range of themes, options, plug-ins, and features available, beating the appeal of WordPress is a bit challenging!

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Not thorough with the WordPress plug-ins? Here are some of the website plug-ins to create a more robust website.

WordPress Plugins to Create a More Powerful Website

WP Forms
This is a way for the visitors to be in touch with you. It is a simple drag and drop builder enabling you to create contact forms, email subscription forms, payment forms, online order forms, surveys, polls, and others. It allows you effortless navigation with only a few clicks. The plugin can integrate with diverse marketing platforms and lending payments.

Yoast SEO
SEO optimization for your website is necessary. It helps in boosting visitor traffic to your website. It allows you to build each webpage with efficient SEO practices. It enables you to add keyword phrases, meta tags, meta descriptions, slugs, alt tags, optimize content for the search engine, and connect your site to Google console. Besides optimizing in terms of SEO, it helps in improving readability.

Anti-spam plugin for you to evaluate all the comments and eliminate spam ones. Also, you get an accurate, detailed report of the words to judge how Akismet marks the content to be spammy. It checks the URLs correctly and eliminates the suspicious links in them. This platform offers security at an advanced level besides spam protection.

WP Rocket
WP Rocket is a plug-in that helps in boosting the speed of the website. The cached copies of dynamically created pages reduce the server’s load to ensure smooth working of the website. Also, WP Rocket aims to reduce the weight of Javascript, CSS, and HTML via minification. It is compatible with CloudFlare and supports WordPress multisite. Some of the popular platforms using this plug-in are YouTube, Yahoo, and Facebook. With a decreased load on your website, you will save a lot of time. Also, the visitor shall be more glad to spend time on the website.

A proper backup is needed for an efficient and optimum and help the website owner record the things as and when required. It schedules an automated backup solution for a wide range of options in Google Drive, Dropbox, and email. UpdraftPlus creates a backup, restores the data, and makes it simple to configure and take back up the site made in WordPress. Also, you can access these data later on as they get stored in the dashboard.