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With this year bringing creative ways in designing your marketing campaigns, it is time to know the amazing benefits of Google Adwords in SEO. 

Time to Know Amazing Benefits of Google Adwords in SEO

If you are willing to enhance your marketing campaigns, bring Google Adwords in use. Quickly learn what this platform has to offer you and your business. I know how difficult it might be as an advertiser to decide which platform or method is best for you. When you seek advice from others, they tell you to invest several things without an appropriate explanation of why? 

We do not intent to change your mind but just want to highlight the 7 benefits of Google Ads. Let’s dive in!

Google’s Massive Reach

Google is no more only a brand but a verb. Whenever a user has a question, he looks for its answer in Google or say- he googles the answer. 

Want to know how to rank top at SERP?

Google it.

This search engine witnesses over 3 trillion searches over a year! That is more than 5 billion searches per day!

We see that Google has so many users for you to target. Among these many users, there are people who are looking for what you have to offer. It would be great if you put up an ad for such users to reach out to you as a solution to their problem.

Capabilities That Allow For A Range Of Targeting

Targeting and Remarketing are the remarkable features that Google Ads has to offer. It can be done by using keywords, demographics, age, gender, lifestyle, habits, etc to set a target audience. Capture the user’s information and send them informative content proving your authority. By chance, if they do not convert, retarget them to drive them back until they convert! 

Another technique is to target the use of long-tail keywords. They are less expensive and worth to capture the attention of our prospects. Most people searching for long term keywords have more intent; and this is what makes people reach your Ads.

Harness Intent

The biggest difference between advertising on Google compared to other forms of advertising is the internet of the visitor. For instance, a person on social media is not looking for solutions to their everyday problems. They are looking for family’s and friends’ updates. On the other hand, a person searching something on google knows what he or she wants and they want to be advertised to. So, running ads on this platform helps in improving conversion rates.

Use Google Ads to drive clients to your page and convert them with efficacy.

Control Of Your Campaigns All Times

Maintaining ad campaigns with Google Ads becomes a piece of cake for a trained employee. A little more education and he will know when to start or stop campaigns, how to reach the right audience within budget, and to do all these instantaneously. This way you can focus on other resources and save time for other initiatives. 

Results In An Easy-to-understand Format

You can never change or improve until you know what have you been doing wrong. Some analytics make it difficult to figure out what the problem is. Fortunately, Google Ads makes it easy to understand. You will find better information like clicks, keywords, impressions, budget, etc. or you may get more detailed with Google Ads. It allows you to understand a visitor’s behavior. 

Get Quicker Results Than With SEO

SEO is the backbone of all websites with higher traffic. When you start with Google, you will be able to overtake all the other organic results on a SERP. It grows exponentially and easier with consistent use of Google Ads. Forget not, there are no limits to search links to bump up your page a little.

Earn More Conversions

With a precise and efficient use of Google Adwords, conversion rate increases! An ad network not prioritizing landing page experience lets you direct the users to any old page. It can be a homepage, about us page, etc. These drain your budget as visitors are not interested in hunting for what was promised in your ad.  

However, if you want to get your ads on Google network, you need a persuasive post-click landing page! Further, you maximize your ad spend because of two reasons: Focussed Design and Message Match.

Maximize ROI With Different Bidding Strategies

As you built a persuasive post-click landing page, this is not the end of your efforts to maximize ROI. You need to reach particular marketing goals one by one and drain your budget a little. So, the Ads team has formulated various bidding strategies to generate ROI.
CPC Bidding- To drive website traffic
CPM Bidding- To build Brand Awareness
CPA Bidding- To Focus on Purchases or Signups

Final Thoughts

Okay! So, if you still wonder- “Why to use Google Ads at all?”. Our question is “Why not?”. Our White Shark Media has a huge clientele that benefitted with a little push from Google Ads. Since each business is different, of course, our approach was different. But, our results – Improved traffic and ROI” was always constant. We aim to serve our clients with the best of our marketing strategies to help them prosper.