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We all know how powerful Social Media is! And both organic and paid social media strategies help the website attain the desired traffic, leads, conversions, and thus sales.

However, as a marketer, you must know how social media marketing strategies have evolved with time. Now, the design makes the content more genuine and personal for the brands or business. Social Media Marketing is now all about the consumer and his journey. It is all about remarketing, retention, customer acquisition, and other services.

A social media platform offers you both organic and paid social media services to achieve your customers’ target goals. Let us learn more about Paid Social and Organic Social Media here.

Here Top 5 Differences in Between Organic Social Media Vs Paid Social Media

Organic Social Media Vs Paid Social Media
To be precise, organic social media is every social media activity that asks for monetary investments. It uses all the free tools to build and manage social media as well as engage the customers.

Whereas the later- Paid Social Media is the activity on social media that needs to be promoted with monetary benefits. It uses marketing strategies like CPC (Cost Per Click)- where the marketer pays for every click his posts receive.

Both Organic Social Media and Paid Social Media work together to nurture the social media page and increase the clients and respective followers. Get your ball rolling in the social media world by applying both strategies. Stay active on social media, and promote content more to interact with your followers.

Top 5 Differences Between Organic Social Media and Paid Social Media
Relationship with Customers
The Purpose of Organic Social Media is to create awareness of brands among people. It helps establish a relationship with customers and engage them where they are already spending too much time. WIth organic Social Media, you engage with customers and learn about their tastes and preferences a little hard way. And, paid Social Media helps you by targeting people who are interested in your business services or products.

Paid and Free Strategies
Organic Social Media helps in Supporting and retaining existing customers. And this is done by promoting social media posts without any monetary investments. Whereas, Paid Social Media is about promoting content on social media in the form of paid campaigns or paid tools.

Time Span
Organic Social Media strategies and Paid Social Media strategies to have the same end goal- to increase reach, increase engagement, increase traffic on the website, increase the number of leads, and increase the conversation rate. Organic Social Media takes a longer time than Paid Social Media to hit the business goal quickly. Depending upon what your goal is, choose either Organic or Paid Social Media Strategies.

Targeting to Expand Reach
Organic Social Media effectively increases the customers’ reach, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Whereas, Paid Social Media strategies are speedy and efficient in generating leads for business and brand. With Organic Social Media, you cannot target age, gender, or other parameters. But, with the latter, you can easily customize your target audience and get filtered results.

Results of the Strategies
The last point is getting the results of each of these Social Media strategies. Organic Social Media needs more time, effort, and a robust and continuous process, and yet, the products are not individual. At the same time, Paid Social Media strategies help achieve a good number of audience and meet the end goals with little investment.

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