By Web Design Tips

Top 4 Benefits of Responsive Web Designs

Responsive web design is an approach that focuses on creating web layouts that provide optimal viewing experience. Such layouts can be accessed from any platform, no matter, mobile or web. While designing a responsive website, a designer should ensure that all its elements, screen layouts, text, buttons, images, multimedia and other UI elements should readjust themselves, depending on the category of device they are viewed upon. An individual can also end up saving money as there’s no need to develop a specialized mobile app for the mobile visitors.

Some of the worthy advantages offered by responsive designs are:

  • Super Flexible
  • Responsive websites are highly flexible and can adjust to every screen size. This means that all the elements and content included can adapt easily on different gadgets. Doesn’t matter, you developed a desktop version, if its mobile friendly, you can access it from smart phones, tablets and laptop.

    Excellent UX

    Other than content, the second most crucial element that favors the success metrics of a business website is user experience. It is only the good UX that enable visitors to consume content and service description is a hassle free manner through the device of their choice. In other words, responsive web design provides optimal user experience.

    Favored By Google

    Google search engine favor websites that are responsive just because they have the same URL and HTML code. This feature makes it easier for Google to crawl, index, and organize content. The other reason why responsiveness is more favored is because content on one URL is much convenient to share, interact, and link. If the information provided is not repeated or cluttered, this will boost the UX and simultaneously the Google rank.

    Easy To Manage

    Having same website both for desktop and mobile can help in easy management and SEO. This is one of the key advantage offered by responsive websites. Managing two sites, one for desktop and other for mobile can result in inefficient results and time wastage. This issue is overcome by mobile friendly websites.

    These are the few benefits of having a mobile and desktop accessible web designs. If you are looking to develop an online business website that can be viewed on all devices, opt for designing a responsive website. Consult our web developers at White Shark Media to know more.